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Taschen & Accessiores – 100% made in Germany

Unsere Taschen und Accessoires werden in Deutschland entwickelt und fair und nachhaltig produziert. Genauer gesagt, das Design entsteht in München, gefertigt wird in kleinen Nähbetrieben in Sachsen und Norddeutschland und in unserem Münchner Studio.

You can find out more about our philosophy and the processes here. Zum Beispiel sparen wir durch die kurzen Transportwege CO²-Emissionen ein. Zudem verzichten wir bei unseren Produkten auf einzelne Umverpackungen aus Pappe oder Kunststoffhüllen. Für den Versand benutzen wir gebrauchte Kartons, die wir aus der Nachbarschaft bekommen und so oft wie möglich mehrfach verwenden.

Auf dieser Webseite sind alle unsere Kollektionen zusammengefasst, es gibt einen großen WEBSHOP für Endverbraucher*innen und ein umfangreiches LOOKBOOK. Näheres über unsere Zell.Stoff Produkte findest Du auch unter

“We are experiencing many social and political upheavals around the world. That can be scary. But it can also teach us: The world is changeable. We can make it a better one! "
Kübra GümüsayMünchner Werkstatt.

Search the products by category - either by material (felt, cellular fabric or canvas / nylon) or by type - you will find everything you are looking for!

Here you get an overview of our collections - "Filz Forever", "like paper bags" or "CanvasCollection".

Seit Mai 2021 können wir leider keine Einzelhändler mehr beliefern. Wir verkaufen nur noch an Endverbraucher*innen über den Webshop.

What is important to us

We value fair dealings with our producers and suppliers, as well as constructive, partnership-based contact with our customers. We try to operate sustainably in all areas, for more information see About Us .

Environmental Sustainability

Unsere kurzen Transportwege sparen CO²-Emissionen ein. Wir verzichten bei unseren Produkten auf Umverpack-ungen aus Pappe oder Kunststoff. Für den Versand benutzen wir gebrauchte Kartons, die wir aus der Nachbarschaft bekommen und so oft wie möglich mehrfach verwenden.

Fair Trade

We produce under fair conditions. All companies and persons involved in the production are paid fairly and appropriately for their work. We also do our utmost to ensure that the suppliers of ingredients and accessories are concerned.

Made in Germany

Our products are made by hand in sewing companies in Saxony and Northern Germany as well as in our Munich studio. With production in Germany, we ensure short communication and transport routes, as well as great flexibility and short delivery times.

Our collections

Felt Forever

Messenger bags, backpacks, cases and pouches, home accessories - everything made of felt!

like paper bags

Bags and accessories made of Zell.Stoff - tearproof and water-resistant


Messenger bags and backpacks made of canvas and nylon


News from the Workshop

Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2020 our websites and were deleted during a major hacker attack (security problem in a WordPress plugin), so the old blog posts are lost. But we have set up a new blog here, in which we will keep you informed about news from our business and other interesting facts!

linckx.® in Detail

Minimal Design

We make our products as simple as possible, but equipped with everything you need!

Light and robust

This applies to all collections: compared to leather bags, the models are very light, which is not unimportant, because they have to be heavily packed sometimes...

Suitable for outdoor Use

Of course, the models in the Canvas Collection are best suited for outdoor use, but our felt and Zell.Stoff models are also surprisingly robust!

Small series

We can respond quickly and individually to our customers´ wishes! The coordination with our cutting company and the sewing companies is simple and uncomplicated.