... we have in all sizes and shapes! In the pure "Urban Cool" style or matching the alpine lifestyle!

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CHRISTL graumel-LdPk-His 1_1200


This shoulder bag is decorated with a felt bow or with a printed deer. We also offer it with the front made of leather, with an optional deer print - that's alpine lifestyle! With zipper on top and on the front pocket, adjustable leather strap.

Size  22 x 20 x 2 cm

JULIA graumel-BtFlz 1_1200
JULIA beige-Hib Model_1200
JULIA beigemel-StHicr _1200
JULIA beige-Hib 2_1200


Elegant, small shoulder bag with adjustable leather strap. The flap has a magnetic closure, and there are two extra compartments inside. JULIA is available in different designs: either plain, or with a large felt bow on the front, or with a printed or embroidered deer.

Size approx. 16 x 15 x 2 cm

CARRIE.M_Mix beige-khaki 1a_1200
CARRIE-M beigemel Model 1_900
CARRIE.M Flz beigemeliert 3_1200
CARRIE.M_Mix graumel-khaki 1_1200
CARRIE.M_Mix graumel-anthra 3_1200
CARRIE.M_Mix graumel-anthra 2_1200


CARRIE in size M can also be carried on the back like a backpack! Available in a material mix with a flap made of Zell.Stoff, or completely made of wool felt (and also completely made of Zell.Stoff, see "likepaperbags")

Size ca. 30/37 (B) x 25 (H) x 7 cm

CARRIE-S_ graumel 1_1200
CARRIE.S_Mix beigemel-anthra 1_1200
CARRIE.S_Mix beigemel-khaki 1_1200
CARRIE.S_Mix grau-anthra 1_1200
CARRIE.S_Mix grau-anthra Model 1_900


The smallest CARRIE can be worn around the waist or simply cross body (also on the back). Flap with twist lock, inside it has an extra flat compartment with a push button. The strap can be removed so that it becomes a clutch. Available completely made of wool felt or with a flap made of Zell.Stoff.

Size  25/ 28 x 16 (H) x 5 cm

BERTA dklmel-StMrn 1_1000
BERTA dklmel-StMrn 3a_1000


A lot fits into this large tote bag made of solid wool felt! It is lined with cotton fabric, has a large extra compartment with zipper and pen holder and leather handles (approx. 50 cm long). There is a choice of different fabrics for the inner lining (see selection).

Size approx. 34 x 37 x 16 cm

AKIRA dklmel 3_1200
AKIRA braunmel-LdBr 1_900
AKIRA khaki-Model 1_900


Elegant shoulder bag made of wool felt with leather handles. It is closed at the top with a zipper, inside it has two extra compartments, a pen holder and a lanyard with a snap hook.

Size approx. 36 x 27 x 10 cm

MARIE beigemel-Filzschl 1q_1200
MARIE graumel-His 2q_1200


You can wear MARIE on your belt or on your dirndl apron, and it comes with a faux leather strap so you can also wear it cross body. Available in different designs.

Size approx. 18 x 18 x 3 cm

RIA grün 1-Ed_1200
RIA rot 1-Ed_1200


Our long-running favorite! The RIA is available in five colors, there is always something suitable for the dirndl. The wool felt has a natural color (undyed), which can sometimes be lighter, sometimes darker. Inside RIA has two small flat extra compartments. 

Size   18 x 13 (H) x 3 cm

CARRIE.L_MatMix beigemeliert-anthra 1_1200
CARRIE.L_beigemel 1_1200
CARRIE.L_MatMix beige-zimt 1b_900
CARRIE.L_MatMix beigemeliert-khaki Model 1_1200

CARRIE.L Messenger Bag

Another model of our "Convertibles" - CARRIE in size L can be worn cross body or on the back like a backpack. Available in a material mix with the flap made of Zell.Stoff, or completely made of wool felt (and also completely made of Zell.Stoff, see “likepaperbags”). Inside it has two large extra compartments and a lanyard with a snap hook. 

Size   30/ 37 x 39 (H) x 7 cm

NURI dklgrau df 1_1200
NURI dkl mel model2_1200
NURI dkl mel model1_1200
NURI beigemel 2_1200


Large, casual felt shopper with thick leather handles and an extra shoulder strap. At the top it has a flap with a press button, inside there are two extra compartments, one of which has a zipper. Also available with various print motifs.

Size approx. 36 x 41 x 12 cm

HUBERT dunkel meliert-LdSc 2a_1200
HUBERT dunkel meliert-LdSc 9_1200
HUBERT dunkel meliert-LdSc 6_1200
HUBERT rot-Model 1_1200

HUBERT Shopper

HUBERT ist kleiner als NURI, und auch mal bei einem eleganten Anlass zu tragen. Und wenn mehr reinpassen muss, klappen sich die Seitenwände nach aussen!

Grösse ca. 34 x 32 x 11 cm

ETTA Grau-HiBr_Slider2_900
ETTA pink_Slider2_900
ETTA stahlblau_Slider1_900
ETTA taubenblau model_1200


Umhängetasche aus Wollfilz mit verstellbarem Gurt, optional mit einem Hirsch-Aufdruck. Innenfach mit Reissverschluss, die Klappe hat einen Magnetverschluss.

Grösse ca. 21 x 23 x 6 cm