About Us

Behind the brand and the designs of this small Munich company, founded in 2005, is the architect Ute Linck Borys. To design buildings, you have to have a special sense of proportions, shapes and volumes - these skills are very helpful to Ute Linck-Borys when developing her products.

linckx.® offers a wide range of bags and accessories - from backpacks, shoppers and messenger bags to purses and cosmetic cases to home accessories such as storage baskets and felt slippers!


It all started in 2005 with products made of wool felt. With their reduced, clear design, these models express a sense of style and a certain nonchalance and are also very functional.

In Munich, of course, it makes sense to offer traditional bavarian products too! For the "alpine lifestyle" there is a choice of cute traditional bags and other accessories made of felt.

Above you see bag GRETL from 2007, below it´s the current model RIA

Above: a photo from our first photo shooting - thanks again to Karola!

Segeltuch und Nylon…

In 2006 we developed the Canvas Collection - probably out of the desire to create something completely opposite to felt products.

The messenger bags of the CanvasCollection made of canvas and nylon are flexible in height, some can be converted into a backpack. Of course they are very robust, practical and beautiful!

We are now offering these models made of Cordura / nylon, too. This material is waterproof and even less sensitive.

The Multipack models are available in three sizes - they can be converted into backpacks (size 02 and 03).


Looking for new materials (and challenges), we discovered "Zell.Stoff" in 2015 - a fascinating material!

It's not easy to work with and we had to learn how to handle it and get good results!

Great models were created, and since 2017 we have started to develop the models in parallel in Zell.Stoff and felt, and also to combine them in the MatMix (= material mix) variants!

New variants are being added, such as the Zell.Stoff in VINTAGE, where the actually smooth material is specially treated and "pre-creased", making it softer and more fabric-like from the start.

Our German manufacturer has so far only had offered muted natural tones, but they are constantly working on innovations, such as the new color "coral", or on an improved recipe for the cellular material.

What is important to us

Made in Germany

... linckx.® can guarantee that for all products with a clear conscience: they are largely made by hand in sewing companies in Saxony and Northern Germany. A small part is made in the Munich manufactory, as are the screen and stencil prints and the stamp motifs, which give the products their very own character.

With production in Germany, we ensure short communication and transport routes, the advantages are great flexibility and short delivery times!

Environmental Sustainability

Thanks to the short transport routes, we save CO² emissions. In addition, we do not use individual outer packaging made of cardboard or plastic sleeves for our products. For shipping, we use used cardboard boxes that we get from shops in the neighborhood and that we reuse as often as possible.

Fair Trade

Our products are produced under fair conditions. All companies and persons involved in the production are paid fairly and appropriately for their work. We also do our utmost to ensure that the suppliers of ingredients and accessories are concerned.



Wool felt is, so to speak, a "renewable raw material" and therefore very environmentally friendly, it is also water-repellent and breathable. linckx. ® uses wool felts in various qualities, 80% of which come from Germany, some colored wool felts (20%) from Italy.


The water- and tear-resistant material consists of cellulose and latex and comes from German production. It's even machine washable! After processing, it has the typical wrinkled look of paper, with use it becomes softer and greasier and looks more and more similar to leather. Zell.Stoff has an Ökotex 100 certificate.


We use fabrics made from 100% cotton ("canvas") that are impregnated to make them water-repellent. This material is more sensitive than nylon and is also not entirely waterproof because the impregnation becomes weaker over time. In order to offer a more robust material, we also make these models out of nylon / Cordura.